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صديقة للبيئة
يذوب الشمع

شحن مجاني 

الطلبيات الأمريكية  99.00$  & زيادة
الطلبات الدولية 125.00 دولارًا

يذوب الشمع النباتي الصديق للبيئة


❝Damegirl's Momma and Me kit has helped my daughter and me develop a stronger bond. The candles set the perfect mood for our self-care sessions, and the journal prompts inspire deep reflection. Plus, the matching tees are super cute! We're loving it.❞


New York, NY

April 11, 2023

❝I absolutely love the Momma and Me Self Love Starter Kit! The mystery candles have such calming scents, and the monthly journal prompts have helped me and my daughter open up more to each other. I appreciate the bonding activities; they've brought us closer together. Highly recommend!❞


Atlanta, GA

February 19, 2023

❝The Momma and Me kit has been a game changer for me and my daughter. The matching tees are adorable, and the bonding activities have made our weekends so much more special. We're really enjoying this journey together. Gracias, Damegirl!❞


San Antonio, TX

January 11, 2023

❝The Momma and Me Self Love Starter Kit has been such a positive addition to our lives. The journal prompts have sparked meaningful conversations with my daughter, and the monthly bonding activities have been so much fun. A must-have for moms and daughters!❞


Chicago, IL

December 31, 2022

❝My daughter and I adore the Momma and Me kit from Damegirl. The journal prompts have deepened our connection, and the bonding activities have been a blast. Plus, the vegan candles are a lovely touch. ❞


Denver, CO

September 13, 2022

❝The Momma and Me Self Love Starter Kit has been a fantastic addition to our mother-daughter time. The candles help us relax, and the journal prompts encourage heartfelt conversations. Thank you, Damegirl! ❞


Nashville, TN

September 10, 2022