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Luxury Pomander Room Sprays

Damegirl Luxury Pomander Room Sprays

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Eco-Friendly Room Sprays


❝The Candle Mystery Box has become my go-to indulgence. The element of surprise with the candles and the exclusive t-shirt design make each delivery a memorable experience. I'm always eager for the next box!❞


Detroit, M

April 13, 2023

❝Damegirl's Momma and Me kit has helped my daughter and me develop a stronger bond. The candles set the perfect mood for our self-care sessions, and the journal prompts inspire deep reflection. Plus, the matching tees are super cute! We're loving it.❞


New York, NY

April 11, 2023

❝I recently tried DameGirl's Tea Rose room spray, and I am in love! The floral scent creates a relaxing atmosphere in my home, and it's great knowing it's made from natural and sustainable ingredients. ❞


Chicago, IL

April 8, 2023

❝I can't get enough of the Tea Rose room spray! The floral scent is just divine, and it helps me relax and destress. The vegan option is fantastic, making it a clean and convenient way to enjoy aromatherapy at home. ❞


Atlanta, GA

April 6, 2023

❝DameGirl's Stay On Task room spray has been a wonderful addition to my daily routine. The refreshing scent keeps me motivated, and I love that it's made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the environment. ❞


Denver, CO

April 5, 2023

❝The Passion Fruit Room Spray has become my favorite! Its vibrant scent fills my home with a tropical sensation, and I appreciate that it's made with eco-conscious ingredients.❞


Nashville, TN

April 3, 2023
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